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Housing Outlook For High Desert Best In A Decade

Posted on April 16th, 2018  /  Comments

Our President/Broker Joseph W. Brady, was recently quoted in an article by the Daily Press about the High Desert Housing Market in California. He discusses the history and its outlook...

The president of a prominent High Desert brokerage says that the region’s housing outlook is the brightest it has been since before the Great Recession, even though it is less than one-third what it was at its peak.

Joseph W. Brady, president of The Bradco Companies, said the impact of President Trump’s tax cut plan cannot be underestimated as homebuilders continue to pull permits.

“The outlook for housing sales in the High Desert is brighter today than it has been in over a decade,” Brady said. “The recent tax reductions that were passed by Congress and signed by the President are undoubtedly having a positive impact on how home buyers are perceiving values, etc. We have a minor concern about the increased cost of funds associated with rising interest rates, and the recent announcement by OPEC that they plan to reduce their oil production, which could result in higher gas prices, thereby affecting the market for commuter homes, poses yet another concern.”

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